Weekdays can be stressful for Hyderabad-based Eshwari. Juggling between completing the chores of the house and taking care of the two kids at home is anything but easy. Her eight- and six-year-old kids make the world go round. She makes every effort to ensure that she can do the best for them. Sometimes, there is hardly any time for her to relax.

When her two kids come back from school, they are always looking for something ‘different’ to eat. Eshwari has always wondered what to give to the kids so that it is nutritious and filling for them.

Her neighbour, Deepa, mother of a six-year-old has been trying to tackle a similar problem. Her challenge is more acute because she has a day job and cannot be with her son when he goes through his tennis lessons. Deepa wants to make sure that the budding tennis player has the healthiest drink and food, particularly after his coaching sessions.

Homemaker Shalini’s worry for her children was somewhat similar. Like several other ‘growing ups,’ the two are picky about their food habits. Occasionally, in between meals they want something to eat and Shalini would always want to give them something nutritious.

Poorvika is the four-year-old daughter of Sravya, another mom who has a tough time in getting her daughter to have milk products. When she refuses, there is little that the mom can do.

Deepa, Sravya, Shalini and Eshwari had to always struggle to get the food and beverage of their choice for their kids. Since they are neighbours and live in the same apartment complex in Hyderabad, the issue occasionally crops up in their conversations. A few weeks ago, they were introduced to Minute Maid Smoothie by a friend, who suggested it for their kids.

The 250 ml bottle of Minute Maid Smoothie has turned out to be the perfect solution for all of them. It could well turn out to be the same for every mom.

“Once I gave this (Minute Maid Smoothie) to my kids, they loved it. Every time they come back from sports, they want this,” Eshwari says, happy that the everyday worry to address her kids’ hunger pangs has been resolved.

“After tasting Minute Maid Smoothie, he started loving it for the taste and the nutrition that it has,” Deepa says, relieved with the new option.

 “She likes the taste. She loves to drink that (Minute Maid Smoothie)” - Sravya

Shalini, Deepa, Sravya or Eshwari – each of their stories could be that of any mom. It has, partially, solved their everyday challenge to meet the expectations of their kids’ taste buds. For moms who are home makers, there is the option of cooking something that their child may ask for. But for working moms, the problem is more acute because they are not at home all the time. When children are fussy eaters, it adds to the problem.

Minute Maid Smoothie has been made for kids who need a quick beverage when they are back from school or after extra-curricular activities. Made with the goodness of fruits and milk with added nutrients, it offers moms a choice that children also love to have.

“Minute Maid Smoothie is an ideal choice for mothers looking for a snack that is tasty, filling and nutritious. We specifically developed this product after listening to mothers and understanding their needs,” says Vijay Parasuraman, Vice President Marketing, Coca-Cola India & South West Asia.

“Every time they come back from sports, they want this” - Eshwari

Made from locally-sourced fruits, Minute Maid Smoothie has been made to suit the Indian palate. During the research phase, special attention was paid to inputs from mothers looking for a combination of nutritional goodness and great taste. The beverage, launched in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka initially, has been introduced in mango and banana flavours. As the availability of the product spreads to other parts of the country, new flavours will be added.

Minute Maid Smoothie also expands the health and wellness offering for Coca-Cola in India. Minute Maid Vitingo, Vio Flavoured Milks and Vio Nutrishakes are some of the other offerings under this category for consumers.