Meet the fun and bubbly new brand ambassador of Fanta- Sara Ali Khan. During a colourful shoot for the brand, she talks about some of her favourite things to do in summer, how she likes to relax after shoots, and how she is a lot like Fanta!

1.)   Brand ambassadors are often seen as epitomizing the brands. What resemblance do you see with Fanta?

I honestly feel that Fanta resembles my spirit the most because it has this orang-y, juic-y, fun kind of vibe to it, and I would like to believe that I have a similar vibe to myself! It’s about being fun, and I feel that Fanta and I are both fun

2.)   Can you share any recent experience of yours which you remember as being a lot of fun or particularly naughty?

It was pretty recently that I was on the sets of ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and Karthik (Aryan) had a couple of fans of his yelling his name really loudly. I don’t know why but I also got enthusiastic and started screaming his name really loudly, and embarrassed him and everybody else around me! That was quite fun in my opinion

3.)   What are some of your favourite things to do during summer months?

I love drinking Fanta because it’s so hot during this time. I love having ice cream and I also love to swim. I try to stay indoors, but when I’m outdoors I really like to swim. Summer is a great time for me to enjoy swimming!

4.)   How do you like to relax after a shoot?

I think after a hectic day of shooting, it would have to be a hot shower. It doesn’t rejuvenate me but it does relax me and I don’t generally need rejuvenation as a person. I think adrenaline is really what one needs and with the life that one is living, there is plenty of that. So just a hot shower to relax after a busy day is the way I go about it

5.)   Finally, here’s a fun quiz- can you guess how many Fanta flavours are available around the world?

When I was studying in New York, I saw quite a lot of Fanta flavours. There aren’t many here, but I believe there is Fanta Cherry? So at least 4-5 different flavours I guess?!