The new Maaza campaign features a jingle by the not-so-aam (common) music maestro - A.R. Rahman! The campaign features leading Bollywood actresses Diana Penty, Rakul Preet Singh and Aditi Rao Hydari - all of whom are big fans of Rahman and mangoes! It was a perfect opportunity to catch up with the ladies as they spoke about the double delight of savouring the goodness of mangoes, and enjoying the sweet melody of A.R. Rahman.

Journey Staff: How do you indulge yourself on a day when you’re feeling particularly greedy?

Diana Penty: Chocolate is my weakest pleasure - be it chocolate cake or waffles with chocolate sauce or even chocolate crepes. During the summer, I can’t resist mangoes. Aamras is my favourite!

Rakul Preet Singh: When I’m feeling greedy I end up eating a lot because I’m a total foodie, I indulge in a lot of chocolates, mango and Maaza

Aditi Rao Hydari: I love chatpat stuff especially chaat! And then I also sweet stuff. I try my best to not even look at dessert! 

JS: What are your favourite summer fruits and in what form do you best like consuming them?

DP: Mangoes! Nothing else comes close! I try restricting myself to two a day but most of the time two turns to four! 

RPS: Mangoes, mangoes and more mangoes! I wait for summers for the mango season. I like consuming them in diff ways either directly or add to my smoothie or Maaza

ARH: Mangoes! I can literally eat mangoes for every meal and nothing else...I’ve done it before! I like to put it in a blender add a dash of lime and have a tall glass full of unadulterated mango! 

JS: What are some of your personal memories associated with Maaza?

DP: I love my Maaza after a meal. Usually whenever I’m eating kebabs at my most favourite kebabwalla in the city, I always ask for a Maaza at the end of my meal. It’s the best combination - hot, spicy kebabs, followed by cold, refreshing Maaza...yummmm!

RPS: Maaza was a special part of my childhood. I remember the days when my brother and I would come back after school and gobble our lunch down so we could quickly get our hands on Maaza for dessert.

ARH: I love spicy food. My eyes water- I literally have tears streaming down my face but I’ve always loved chatpata food and there is nothing like a bottle of cold Maaza to drink with’s the perfect balance of flavours. I remember drinking Maaza especially when we went out on family road trips in the summer from Hyderabad to Bangalore to Ooty. I would always ask for Maaza.

JS: Describe one of your memorable moments while shooting for the Maaza TVC.

DP: Grooving to the Maaza tune all night long till the wee hours of the morning was super fun! Didn’t feel like I was working at all. It’s a really catchy tune that makes you want to get up and dance.

RPS: To be honest the entire shoot was a lot of fun! Very young, very peppy, very me! Dancing to Rahman sir’s tune is the most beautiful part.

ARH: For me it was so much fun to be myself, this is what I often do in the van when I'm happy or listening to music, when there are no cameras...except this time there was a full team, cameras and the works...and I could still just be myself...and of course I drank many, many bottles of Maaza after a long time with no one stopping me! 

JS: How do you spend your ‘Me time’?


DP: By just being. I like spending time by myself, reading, listening to music, catching up on the movies I’ve missed, sometimes just staring into space doing absolutely nothing!

RPS: My me time which is rare though is chilling with my friends and family, watching movies, playing golf and I can have my Maaza doing any of this

ARH: Dancing, doing yoga, hanging with friends and family, music is a huge part of my me time too... in fact Rahman sir’s jingle for Maaza is infectious, I literally went home dancing on the day of the shoot and didn’t want it to end!