Strong, iconic, charged, thunderous and arguably – with dark shades! I could be describing Black Widow (ladies first), Iron Man, Hulk or Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even… Thums Up Charged! Clearly, it was a match made in heaven when Thums Up Charged No Sugar collaborated with Marvel Studios’ Avengers Infinity War to have these four iconic characters showcased on Thums Up Charged cans – but with an interesting twist. The character designs have been adapted with special care in the Thums Up Charged colours of black, red and grey, with their unique individual abilities and characteristics visually augmented with graphical variations.

If you’re an MCU fan (like me) you’ll surely be able to spot the subtle nuances and the meanings behind them. Let’s see if you agree with my personal interpretations below! If you’re not, I promise this will make you look closer when you buy a can!


Black Widow: Ah, the mysterious super spy who can take on any identity - she is depicted with no facial features on the can, perhaps symbolizing the lack of a singular character. She can be anyone you want or need her to be, the only thing that she retains is her ability to kill with the lethal prowess of a black widow spider- which is shown on the can with a strategically placed spider on her face. As typical black widow spiders sometimes have a red hourglass mark on the ventral side of their abdomen, this has been retained in the characteristic red of Thums Up Charged, lending more assimilation of character with beverage. The parallel lines on either side of her suit to me, look like claw marks symbolising the many battle wounds she has endured as an assassin.


Iron man: Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, genius- that’s Tony Stark in a nutshell. This one is the most exciting for me this time because of the massive enhancements to his suit. The new ‘Bleeding Edge’ armour which Iron Man is getting in Infinity War, including a bionic arm and ‘wings’ (rocket thrusters) that can take him to Titan (to whip some serious Thanos behind), pulse bolts and an enhanced arc reactor, have all been incorporated into the design. IM’s eyes have been replaced with his new armoured avatar. Sounds like someone just got a ‘supercharged’ makeover- quite literally in this case!


Hulk: Everyone’s favourite classic anger management case study, the sharply depicted dual tonality of his hair, face and body denotes his alternation between Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk. His power - plain brute force, is brought out in the redesign of his eyes as clenched fists, and in the grey and red quarter circles below his face that outline the shape of his chest muscles. The symbolic angry, open mouth has been retained - maybe he’s angry this time because he wants some Thums Up Charged No Sugar and no one’s giving it to him (kidding!)


Thor: The God of Thunder himself- if he isn’t the epitome of being ‘charged’ I don’t know who is! Though the short haircut and nasty cut on his right eye which he acquired towards the end of Ragnarok have been kept intact, the colour of his hair and beard though have been changed from the classic blonde, to darker shades of grey and red – bringing him ever closer to the character of the beverage than before. With the open wound on his eye (no eye patch) and the absence of the winged helmet, there is a rawness that is emphasised. He is also without his Uru war hammer Mjolnir and now has a thunder-shaped nostril, both of which depict his eventual realisation that the power to control thunder lies within him and not his hammer. A curvy bolt of lightning over his right shoulder accentuates the electrifying energy he exudes.

A key thing to note is the use of shades of grey in every character design. The fact that these superheroes are far too complex and intriguing to be represented in plain black or white- metaphorically speaking, has been a substantial visual takeaway for me, as a fan.

One thing is certain, you can be sure to get supercharged with the power of Marvel Studios’ Avengers and thunder of Thums Up Charged No Sugar when you enter the battlefield of Infinity War!

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are personal only. Coca-Cola does not endorse or support any of the information or opinions expressed in this article)