On screen, he played the bubbly and charismatic wedding planner who supercharged the special day of many-a-couple, like a well-shook bottle of Thums Up. Off screen, it’s now his turn to taste the thunder!

As my favourite actor Ranveer Singh gets set to marry his real-life heroine Deepika Padukone, I wanted to take this moment to congratulate and thank him for bringing his characteristic brand of electrifying energy into our lives. When I think of Ranveer, I am instantly reminded of a bottle of my favourite beverage Thums Up- all bubbled up with extra fizz and ready to burst onto the scene with an explosion of the cap.

Whether it was saving a school bus with his toofani athleticism or taking charge of a NASCAR track in an epic, nail-biting race, Ranveer Singh has always brought with him an iconic, masculine spirit- much like a bolt of lightning. It is no wonder that Thums Up has always been Ranveer’s favourite beverage. Because he doesn’t settle for anything else. In his own words:

“If I go out, I ask for Thums Up and if they don’t have it, I won't take any other cola. ‘Taste the Thunder’ was the first tagline I would say as a child; it sounded so cool!”

It is this packing-a-punch passion which is so characteristic of Thums Up drinkers that Ranveer Singh epitomises- whether on camera or off. Whether he is playing the Peshwa Baji Rao or the powerful Khalji ruler Allauddin, there is a fire within which lights up the screen.

I would like to take this moment and platform to congratulate Ranveer on the journey which he is about to partake. May the road ahead be just like his favourite beverage- full of fizz and excitement; full of life!

(Heena Ghosal is the Vice President, Corporate Relations, AIESEC at Delhi IIT)