In a year when the world needs cheer, celebrations, happiness, hope and togetherness more than ever, Coca-Cola is celebrating the gift of presence – over presents – by way of a seasonal festive campaign launching across 90-plus countries including India.

The campaign’s creative kernel is a cinematic spot titled “The Letter”, which captures a loving father’s arduous journey to the North Pole to make his daughter’s wish come true on Christmas. The spot is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy London.

The film– which marks a century of Coca-Cola holiday advertising – makes use of festive icons like the Sundblom Santa Claus and the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck to convey a message of hope in a year that’s been full of challenges. “The Letter” concludes with a timely invitation in its final frame - “This Christmas, give something only you can give!”

Walter Susini, SVP of marketing for Coca-Cola Europe, hopes the campaign will promote unity and joy during such an unusual holiday season, as the world continues to move through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year on so many levels. Christmas is traditionally a time when people spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy some blissful moments. However, given the year we’ve all had, spending dedicated time and being present at the moment with loved ones will be the priority above all else”, said Susini.

 This year’s campaign recognises that the real magic of Christmas celebration is connecting with each other – virtually or in-person - and puts family, friends and appreciating the lovable company of dear ones as a priority.

“Physical distance doesn’t mean we can’t be present. With the pandemic, we’ve seen how we can leverage technology to great effect to connect with those we love. We have opened our eyes this year to the fact that time is the most precious thing of all, no matter what form that may be in”,  said Susini further added. 

Creativity During COVID-19

Coca-Cola and Wieden+Kennedy London staffed the project entirely with local production crews and actors, eliminating the need for any international travel.  “The Letter” was shot over five days in August in Waititi’s home country of New Zealand. Strict COVID-19 protocols were followed to ensure the safety of everyone at the site, and team members in Los Angeles, London and Madrid tuned in to the shoot via Zoom and shared feedback in real-time.

The film is available in a long-form (2:30) cut, as well as 60-, 30- and 20-second shorter edits. More than 90 markets – the most ever for any Coca-Cola holiday campaign – are supporting this year’s program to spread the message of love, care and hope.