Love, Happiness and Celebrations. The warmest and coziest trio one can dream for oneself or wish for loved ones. Remarkably, the trio has an uncanny similarity to board games. All require more than one to play out. Can’t be singled, contained or bottled in. Be it matters of heart like missing your loved ones, celebrating a festival or the refreshing frizz of a Coke. All need a share.

Taking a leaf from the cheery trio, as part of our #ShareAWish campaign, we reached out to Coca-Cola fans across social media, encouraging them to share their special wish for their loved ones.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It was Diwali.

No wonder, there was an outpour of heartfelt emotions and mushy messages. Dedicated to their loved ones and cheered with a Coke, #ShareAWish was all over social media. As was love. In the air.

It was undoubtedly an uphill task to pick up the three best messages when each and every contest entry was all heart. Each shared wish tugged at our heartstrings. One can imagine how it must have melted hearts amongst those who were the recipients of the love shared.  


It’s now our turn to share. Presenting the three chosen entries which won our hearts and yes the contest too!

Meet Garima Dwivedi, a Chandigarh-based young mom who is presently on a maternity break. She is married to a Merchant Navy officer, Vikas whose infectious love for Coca-Cola was happily picked up by Garima too. Their house parties are incomplete without the classic Coca-Cola. No surprise there.

A regular on Instagram, the contest presented the perfect opportunity to Garima to post her heartfelt wishes for Vikas who was away on work. “I wanted to let him know that our daughter and I were missing him since he was away sailing. Two years ago, we had a wonderful Diwali together when we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while he was at work on the ship. I was remembering that,” Garima elaborated on her post. We all know how festivals is all about family. Especially for this family wherein Garima’s mother too is fond of her Limca.

Now, having been picked up as a winner, the gift hamper awaits her. “I am dedicating this to my husband because he is the one who loves Coca-Cola so much,” she added.

Well, everyone loves to play cupid. Coca-Cola included!


Our next best entry is refreshingly unique. It is a post by Mumbai-based biotechnology professor, Rujuta Jadhav, dedicated to her furry friend, Charlie. Fondly referred as her brother, Charlie is hailed as the livewire by the other housemates too- Rujuta’s father and sister.

An ardent follower of Coca-Cola across digital platforms, Rujuta seized the opportunity to participate in the contest to express her love for her pet. And her love did win. So did Charlie. As her muse for the heart-touching share.

The reason which led to the post was even more touching. Delightfully so.

“We tend to ignore our pets when we celebrate our festivals. My message, meant for Charlie, was to highlight this,” Rujuta told us when we called her to understand what made her write the message.

We all know how the disturbingly traumatic the noise of loud crackers can be for our pets.

Such thoughtfulness rightfully deserves a winning cheer from all of us!


Jaipur-based Harshita Bajoria is pursuing her studies to become a chartered accountant. The occasional online surfing led her to the #ShareAWish contest. And her brother-in-law or Jiju as she calls him, instantly came to her mind. For he loves a Coke with his meal, especially when he is dining out.

A fan of classic Coca-Cola herself, Harshita expressed her wish to him, highlighting how people are opting to share their favourite Coke beverages instead of distributing sweets during Diwali. There would be more takers, according to her.

Well, our fans worldwide make us believe, it would!  

Just like these stories make us all believe in the magic of Love, Happiness and Celebrations. The Coca-Cola way.