If fruits were to be the barometer, for 2017, Coca-Cola could well be the apple of the consumers’ eye. New flavours of juices were launched, beverage plus announced and committed investments of $1.7 billion rounded off a big year for the company.

The launch of fruit juices, driven by the Ras Ras Mein India campaign juiced up the beverage portfolio. Minute Maid Santra, made from oranges grown by farmers in Maharashtra, helped give wings to the fruit circular economy. A few weeks earlier, Minute Maid Mosambi had been launched.

The excitement will continue in 2018 since more fruity flavours, suited to the Indian palate, are lined up for launch.

Coca-Cola also announced that, along with its partners, it would invest $1. 7 billion over the next five years in India. With conducive policies, rising horticulture output from farmers, and the investments promised for the processing of fruits, the promised fruit circular economy could now be taking shape.

At the World Food India in November, Coca-Cola signed a memorandum of understanding with the government, cementing the commitment to invest $1.7 billion over the next five years.

During the biggest event for the food processing sector in India, Coca-Cola also announced the launch of Perfect Fruit, sugar free, zero fat, non-dairy frozen dessert. It is made from real fruit and perfect for all ages. Consumers tasted the product during the three-day event and gave their thumbs up for it. Expect it to be available soon.

The fruit story did not end there. For the perennial mango fan, India’s most loved mango juice launched Maaza Gold. It could be so indulging that falling in love with it will hardly be an option. It can be consumed not just as juice. Add it to milk for a mango shake. Use it as topping for ice cream. Try and taste for yourself!

India’s most loved Cola launched its first ever variant in 40 years. Thums Up Charged has extra thunder for all those who need an extra kick from their drink.

Coca-Cola also decided to change its look. With the same great taste and excitement, the three variants of Coca-Cola now sport a new visual identity system (VIS).

then we decided to add smart to water. we launched smartwater. a clear, crisp idea. inspired by the clouds, we added essential minerals to water.

It has been an exciting year. In 2018, we hope to hear more from you and serve you even better.