This second film is part of a series that highlights relationships which Coke's put on its bottles

By now we've all probably seen the Coca-Cola commercial featuring two friends who share a coke on a rooftop after a scuffle with some rivals. One young man hands the bottle of Coke, with the word Bhai in place of Coca-Cola, to his friend who stuck around while other so-called friends chose to flee. The ad is part of the cola major's Indian Premier League (IPL) offensive. It's also the first time Coke brings its flagship global marketing program 'Share A Coke' to Indian shores.

Here's an exclusive look at the next in the Share A coke film series. Watch the new Share A Coke ad.

Creative credits:

·Agency: McCANN India

·Creative Team: Team McCANN

·Production House: Curious films

·Post Production House: Prime Focus

·Director: Vivek Kakkad

·DOP: Michal Sobocinski

·Music: Sameer Uddin

The article has been republished with permission from Brand Equity which first reported it on 12th April, 2018.