Tiluck Keisam is just another kid looking to make his mark in the world. The ‘look’ is where the similarity with other children his age ends.

Once the 10-year-old has skates with him, the wheels give him wings like never before.

He has perfected the art of limbo skating, a sport that requires extreme fitness. For 50 metres, Tiluck skated underneath an obstacle – a series of horizontal poles without any part of the body touching it. The science of extreme fitness, for Tiluck, has been converted into an art.

The proud son of Delhi-based Kiesam Ricky Singh and Pravabati Takhellambam, originally from Manipur, took 56 seconds to limbo skate below the bars. He first went under bars placed 9 inches from the ground, took a U-turn and then caressed under bars placed at 7.5 inches height.

The amazing feat won him recognition from the Limca Book of Records

The challenge of limbo skating is that the athletes have to spread their legs, in a position almost parallel to the ground. The skates, tied to the feet, then take the athlete below the bars. The distance covered by athlete depends on the speed that he has gained before going under the bars.