The common spirit of devotion brings countless number of hearts together during religious festivities. One such grand festival is the Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra. Every year when the three deities of the Puri temple in Orissa are carried on decorated chariots during the yearly Rath Yatra, millions of people from across India flock in large numbers to take part in the much-awaited festival. And, as these ardent followers pull carts carrying their deities, their hearts dance with joy and pride.

Maaza has always been a part of moments of celebration and happiness that come with festivities. For years, it has been a core part of various festivals as an integral part of the celebrations. This year, once again, Maaza is all set to accompany devotees on a journey of reverence at the Jagannath Rath Yatra 2019 with on-ground and digital activations.

Maaza kiosks and coolers will be set up at spots relevant to the occasion like the Puri railway station, bus stands, the Gundicha temple, Puri beach, and neighbouring towns. Devotees can halt for a moment, indulge in their favourite beverage, and partake in the religious rituals with added zeal and enthusiasm.

A large number of retail outlets at key locations have been decorated in the colours of Maaza to gain traction and visibility.

For digitally-savvy devotees who could not join the Rath Yatra this year, there is the ‘Maaza Rath Yatra Selfie’ contest on Facebook. This is a chance for enthusiasts to participate in the celebrations while sitting at home. All they need to do is:

  1. Go to the selfie activity screen and click a selfie using one of the many innovative festive filters specially created for the occasion
  2. Share it as a public post, tag @MaazaIndia, and use the hashtag #RathYatraWithMaaza.

Winning selfies will not only be posted on Maaza India’s Facebook page but they also stand a chance to win Paytm vouchers. The link to the activity can be found on Maaza India’s Facebook page. The contest can also be accessed through Facebook advertisements visible on select timelines and news feeds. Due to the overwhelming response we have received and to make sure this zeal surrounding the festival is not restricted we have extended the campaign. Participants are allowed to indulge in the activity multiple times and on a daily basis till July 12th, when the Rath Yatra ends.

So, go ahead, make the most of this pious occasion and celebrate with your ideal festive companion Maaza. And, if you are attending the festival, see you there.

Till then, Jai Jagannath!