Whether it was a colourful sense of community in the IPL ‘koi nahi bachega’ campaign, or the ICICI ‘Hukus Bukus’ ad with a surprisingly generous shopkeeper set against a serene Kashmiri backdrop, there is always an element of emotion associated with his ads. When he had Ranbir Kapoor grooving to ‘saara zamaana’ in the now famous Philips campaign, he surely lit up our television screens and had us dancing in abandon.

It’s not easy being listed in the top 100 advertising directors of the world, nor being the first Indian to have their television commercial win at Cannes (this was of course, the ‘one black coffee’ ad for Ericsson). Numerous awards and accolades followed, but Prasoon Pandey isn’t slowing down.

Characteristically humourous as always, one can instantaneously connect with the man- a trait that made his ads so relatable and memorable.

A Lion of St. Mark- the Cannes Lions lifetime achievement award later- Journey India caught up with the legend during a shoot for the new Sprite television commercial. Here he talks about the shoot, why the location is special to him, and about his memorable journey

You can only leave his company marvelling at his ‘(un)surprisingly smooth’ wit!