When consumers get quality, benchmarked against global standards, it is something that is assured. From packaging and bottling to beverage-level quality checks, Coca-Cola follows a comprehensive process that involves minimal human intervention through its production procedure.

Here are five key in-process quality checks across different lines that you as a consumer must know about.

  1. Bottle Inspectors- Online quality inspection processes include the scrutiny of cleaned glass bottles for any damage and foreign matter, which is done with Electronic Bottle Inspection technology. After the cleaning of the glass bottles, these instruments are placed to detect breakage or foreign matter in the bottles without human intervention. This electronic inspection technology rules out virtually any possibility of foreign matter, of any kind, being present in a bottle.
  2. Filled Bottle Inspection Technology- Filled Bottle Inspection technology measures and ensures the uniformity of net content (liquid) in all bottles through a liquid height parameter. Next, it checks for the closure condition –ensuring the cap is placed properly.
  3. COBRIX Analyser– The COBRIX Analyser ensures the same quantity of solid (sugar) and CO2 level in all the thousands of bottles which are packaged every day, and also ensures that the quantity levels are maintained within specification limits. If you are sugar conscious, this process acts as the guarantor.
  4. Flow Diverter Valve- In case of juice production, the Flow Diverter Valve ensures that the hot fill product (juice) is pasteurised at a pre-set temperature. If the beverage happens to go below the desired temperature, it is not passed on to the filler and is sent for re-pasteurisation. Hence, nothing but the best quality is packaged for you.
  5. Interlocks– Several robust interlocks are placed in the processing and manufacturing line to ensure that the product quality criteria are met at every step. If at any stage the criteria are not met, the interlocks get applied so that the process is halted immediately. One critical interlock is placed in the date-coding machine, which pauses the process instantly on recording any aberrations in it. The interlock is applied to ensure the process halts immediately. 

Clearly, multiple process checks ensure nothing can go wrong for your favourite drinks.