Limca Book of Records celebrates the extraordinary among Indians. Through its 27 editions, the most amazing achievements of Indians have been chronicled without a parallel.

As we prepare for the 28th edition, here is a peek into some of the interesting records you may have missed.

Standing tall, on one leg


A national volleyball player from Lucknow, UP, Arunima Sinha lost one of her legs when some robbers pushed her out of a moving train in 2011. Two years later, with a prosthetic leg on, she became the first woman amputee in the world to climb Mount Everest on May 21, 2013. She went on to conquer the highest peaks on other continents too. Her book titled Born Again on the Mountain was launched in 2014. She was awarded Padma Shri in 2015.

A 984 mm towering structure

Twenty-six-year-old Mithran of Thiruvananthapuram has put together nearly 30,000 used matchsticks to construct a miniature of the Eiffel Tower. The miniature is 984 mm tall in proportion to the 984 feet Paris structure. Mithran gifted it to the French President on the 100th anniversary of the tower.

Have your cake, and eat it too!

In January 1988, a 15.85 m long, 0.76 m wide and 7.6 cm high cake baked by Monginis Bakery for the Bombay Rotarians, collected Rs 3 lakhs in sales proceeds for a Polio Eradication Programme. Ninety-nine man hours went into making of this cake which weighed 375 kgs. It took five hours to bake the cake and another twelve hours to lay the icing and decorate the cake. It was made with 45 kg of flour, 130 kg of sugar, 1,425 eggs, 107 kg of butter and vegetable fat, 40 kg of chocolate, 10 kg of marzipan flowers and 10 kg of essence colours which went into the making of the 3,000 royal icing flowers.

10 lakh books for a personal collection


Ankegowda (66) of Pandavapura, in Mandhya district of Karnataka, has been collecting books for the last 33 years and now has a collection of 10 lakh books. Originally stored at his small home, he now has a large hall, his ‘book house’ fondly known as Ankegowda Jnana Pratishthana Pustaka Mane with books in 8-10 different languages, in all genres.

Pi, pi, never say die

Twenty-three year old Rajan Mahadevan of Mangalore can recite the value of Pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) to 31,811 decimal places. He proved this at a performance at Mangalore on July 5, 1981 taking just three hours and forty-five minutes for the feat.

Currency notes from 191 countries


P Jayeshkumar of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has the largest collection of currency notes from most countries – 378. He has currency notes from 191 nations affiliated to the UN, 161 obsolete nations and 26 island and overseas territories. He also has an odd currencies collection – plastic currency (60), cloth money, bamboo money, handmade currency (3) and the world’s first polymer currency (1). He has 323 coins from different countries too.

Talking non-stop for 360 hours

Fifty-seven year old SE Jayaraman of Tamil Nadu created a new world record when he talked non-stop for 360 hours. He commenced talking on June 9, 1989 and completed his talkathon on June 24, 1989.

92 lakh runners for one event!

To welcome the 35th National Games to be held in the state, Govt of Kerala and the National Games Secretariat in association with the Malayalam daily Malayala Manorama organised ‘Run Kerala Run’ on Jan 20, 2015. The event started at 10.30 am with 92,04,268 participants running simultaneously through 7,992 run points spread across the 14 districts of Kerala. Close to 30% of Kerala’s population participated in the run covering a minimum distance of 200 m!

589,000 claps for charity

V Jayaramna, a bank official, clapped non-stop for 67 hours and 5 minutes in February 1988. He began the marathon clapping session in Chennai at 6.35 pm on February 12, 1988 and concluded at 1.40 pm on February 15, 1988. He clapped 5,89,000 times, and each clap was audible at a distance of 109.7 metres. In the process, Jayaraman collected half a million rupees for charity.

Attempted three records in one minute

Bibhuti Bhushan Nayak of Navi Mumbai, now 39 years old, attempted three one-minute records – 71 alternative squats, 76 normal squats and 252 one-leg martial kicks at face level – at Airoli Gurudwara in Mumbai on June 24, 2015. It was a hat-trick of records performed in front of a cheering crowd in 30 min from 6.35 pm to 7.05 pm.