From volunteering for the Support My School campaign, to meeting the Coca-Cola India President. From playing cricket to dancing on Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ anthem, they did it all.  Here are a few highlights from the MANTRA interns at The Coca-Cola Company in India:

Ashima Aggarwal (XLRI, Jamshedpur): Each day at Coca-Cola was a new learning, especially the interactions with retailers, colleagues or with the consumers. Not only did my industry knowledge increase exponentially, but at the end of two months I learnt to look at the larger picture and that is what that made all the difference. In short, Coca-Cola as a company is one organization which breeds and nurtures creativity, structure of thought, and enables you to acquire the ability to look at the missing piece- and that’s what makes their brands so successful. I glad I got to intern with such an iconic brand!

Nipun Kumar (MDI, Gurgaon): My two months internship at Coca-Cola India was an exhilarating experience; full of new learnings, new interactions with new people at new places. Post my induction, I was assigned a project in Bangladesh. Something I am really thankful for, considering I learnt immensely and gained a lot of experience learning from my seniors. Primarily because of the lean marketing department and the flat structure of the organization. This gave me the opportunity to learn from my frequent one-on-one interactions with the Country Manager of Bangladesh, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience and also lead projects independently. This was a very big learning curve for me. I got a lot of exposure through my collaboration with multiple stakeholders, gained in-depth understanding of concepts and learnt ‘real time’ through my first hand experiences. I will always cherish my time at Coca-Cola India.

Vishal Thapa (IIM Ahmedabad): When I first stepped into the Coca-Cola India office in Gurgaon, I got to meet 22 similar interns like me, who I am sure would have had the same question as me, “What is Coca-Cola other than a beverage company?” while I can’t speak for them, but in the first week of induction, I was pleasantly surprised – When everyone from the brand managers of our favorite colas and juices to the CEO of the company interacted with us and almost treated us as equals. That reflected the strong foundation, heritage and culture of a brand 130 years old and yet so inspirational through the decades – more than a beverage, more than a drink, it’s a way of refreshment and has been the same for over a century. Thanks for the memories Coke. Truly tasted the feeling of happiness!

Shivani Nayaka (IIM, Lucknow):  What defines a great internship experience is when an intern is treated equivalent to a full time employee. This wonderfully warn and welcoming culture of Coca-Cola instilled in us a great sense of ownership and responsibility. The most interesting stint of the internship was the one-week Induction. The first thing we did on our arrival into the Office was to groove on the tunes of Coca-Cola ‘Taste the Feeling’ anthem. The fun continued with us visiting places each day. We visited the manufacturing plant and the Distributors where we enjoyed a one-day Sales stint distributing the products across the North Campus of Delhi University. The most memorable one of all was our visit to a School which is a part of the social initiative called Support My School by Coca-Cola India. I believe Coca-Cola is one of those very few Companies that can make an intern happy and create a sense of community among the interns, which translates into a win.

Garima Das (IIM Ahmedabad): The day I first stepped in the office, I felt like a kid in a candy store. It was so beautiful, so creative, the RGB (Returnable Glass Bottles) decoration on the ceiling, the Taste the feeling campaign visuals, the Coca-Cola Marketplace painting, and the sheer realization that this is it. This is the origin of all things Coca-Cola, this is the place where “Thanda- Matlab Coca-Cola” came into life; this is where “Sprite Seedhi baat no bakwaas” must have been brainstormed. What struck me the most was how passionate everyone was about their work, it reflected clearly in the numerous sessions we had with the leadership team. These people lived and breathed these brands. My project was different from the rest of us. I was asked to travel to Dhaka and work on the launch of Kinley in Bangladesh. It was a whole new ball game altogether. It is a different learning experience when you are actually on ground. Working closely with the consumer and understanding their perceptions helps me bring out completely different results. My internship experience was overall filled with excitement and a lot of learnings.