Every organisation wants one thing – a good employee. And, Coca-Cola India is no different. This company too wants to hire the right candidate who will ensure that Coca-Cola sees new heights of success every day.

But, the question remains- what exactly makes a good employee

Business Insider talked to Sameer Wadhawan, Vice President, HR at Coca-Cola India and South West to find out exactly that.

According to Wadhawan, a good employee is an amalgamation of many qualities.

“One should be adaptive and self-motivated to work in a diverse workplace. A good employee is a team worker who helps other employees and contributes positively. Additionally, self-criticism and the willingness to receive feedback (good or bad) is essential to become a good learner,” he said.

Elaborating on what Coca-Cola India looks for in an employee while hiring, he said that they expect four characteristics in a candidate.

These are-

  1. The ability to contribute, to make a difference and have a tangible impact – turning their passion into action;
  2. Creative and fresh thinking in their work and their life, regardless of their role;
  3. A spirit of collaboration – the candidate would thrive when he/she works with a diverse range of people with different views, perspectives and priorities;
  4. Flexibility in approach – willingness to adapt and evolve with changing trends.

So now you know what you need to do in case you want to be hired by Coca-Cola India.

This article was originally published on BusinessInsider.in