Every space tells a story – about the people who inhabit it – their values, culture, traditions and, most importantly, what they stand for.

The new Coca-Cola India offices in Gurgaon are a clear embodiment of this philosophy. It strikes you as soon as you step off the elevator and stays with you as you walk through the bright-red front doors. The company's tenets are illustrated in a value wall in the reception area across the entire office via quotes, wall art and graphics.

The mantra of the office is "heritage meets new age", which is expressed throughout the workplace in the brand's signature colors of red and white, with vibrant dashes of grey, black and yellow. Design has just as much to do with words as it does pictures. The company's rich heritage is reflected in vintage Coca-Cola advertising displayed on the walls and in artwork, and in quotes from legendary executives Asa Candler and Roberto Goizueta and references to Coca-Cola inventor Dr. John Pemberton.

The is clearly the future in the new 67,000-sq.-ft. Coca-Cola India offices. The synergy with Coca-Cola offices across the world, especially with the headquarters in Atlanta is amply visible in the form of mashup artwork, colors and names of board rooms. The new-age element is demonstrated in the modern structures, glass barriers, state of the art furniture, open work stations and the representation of the company’s history through high-end technology. The office represents an influx of the new; tempered with traditions and heritage of the yesteryears, adding a touch of vintage to the contemporary structures.

Transparency and a culture of openness can be felt throughout the workplace via collaborative workstations, glass-panelled conference rooms and the intermingling of approximately 200 employees across departments and designations. Eight collaboration spaces are spread across both floors, equipped with writable surfaces and soundproofed walls. Employees gather for fun and fellowship in a recreation area featuring a table tennis table, dart board, carom board and even a Kinect/Wii.