LOCATION:Gurugram, India - IND
August 16 - 2019
26% - 50%

Job ID: R-31514

Job Description Summary:

Position Overview:

  • Develop & Implement channel strategy for ecommerce and C&C
  • Drive revenue , volume ,OI delivery for the channel
  • Design, develop & deploy a business model that leverage the power of e.Bizz to create consumption which is then fulfilled through winning portfolio plays.
  • Leverage the power of engaging content to drive eyeball to our brands & finally convert them to offtakes in a cost efficient manner for new & exiting portfolio.
  • Understand the nuances & difference of B2B, B2c, o2o plays & create delivery models to win with them.
  • Develop a long-term value based e.Bizz leadership strategy for INSWABU, maximize profitability across the current and future brand, pack and portfolios. Ensure this strategy takes into account key BU, Bottler and Customer stakeholders by aligning with them throughout the process and inspiring system passion for the co-created strategic direction.
  • Ensure that a value-based dialogue permeates the organization thereby moving away from short term volume & transactional based outlook.
  • Create SHOPPER CENTRIC, Joint Business Plans (JBP) with customers to unlock value for all the players in the system. Bring customer, shopper and category insights, into the JBP process through which TCCC shall drive sustainable AND profitable category growth for its' customers.
  • The role must facilitate and support development of the large national-presence customers # growth (volume, revenue and share) on a sustainable basis. Analyze business looking for growth opportunities, building initiatives and effectively communicating and implementing them through Customer Leadership.

Key Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Drive & deliver - volume, value, share & new user growth goals.
  • Drive & deliver- consumer engagement, new consumer acquisition goals.
  • Understand & leverage digital marketing tools to create consumption & deliver the same via winning sales & portfolio plans.
  • Initiate and lead Customer Joint Business Planning (JBP) in alignment with Bottler Commercial Leaders. Conduct regular business reviews with Global and Strategic Customers' executive teams in order to monitor relationship; re-affirm strategies linked to needs and steward the business, operational and/or personal value created for the customer by The Coca-Cola System
  • Provide Channel, Customer & Shopper strategic direction, people leadership, guidance and input to the Modern Trade team
  • Recommend, manage and control short term and long term profit and volume objectives for Modern Trade Channels & Global Customers in collaboration with Bottler Commercial Leads
  • Internalize brand strategy and subsequently marry to customer positioning - implement the same through point of sale assets and other materials. Execute the same through aligned win-win plans with customers based on customer & shopper insights.
  • Recommend key strategies, organizational capabilities, budgets and plans to achieve volume and profit targets. 
  • Develop and manage value based relationships with Customer and Bottler Leadership ensuring alignment in terms of: Long term system destination and business strategy, integrated marketing/ trade marketing programs, new beverage development and channel and customer marketing plans, DME investments, etc. 
  • Conceptualizing and driving Shopper initiatives aimed at driving Consumption in collaboration with Bottling Partners. Monitor and analyze program results to build subsequent integrated programs. 
  • Provide strategic direction for the development of a total beverage strategy and OBPPC plans for Modern Trade environment.
  • Facilitate and support development of Collaborative Customer Relationship Model (CCRM) in collaboration with Bottling Partners aimed at maximizing value with key partners.
  • Continuously challenge the internal and external status quo with new ideas, benchmarking competitive moves & initiatives - leverage to build system capabilities in partnership with CCU and HCCB to manage and drive our business with Modern Trade customers.
  • Build the organization capabilities (BU & Bottler) to manage and drive a fast growth Modern Trade business and build customer service capability.     


  • 10 years of delivering success in a leading FMCG company. Exposure & experience of working with e.Tailers  & modern trade retailers will be a major plus.  
  • MBA from reputed Business School

Related Experience Requirements/Qualifications:

  • High Emotional quotient & ability to build collaborative working relationship across a broad spectrum of people.
  • Proficiency in customer management. Exposure to Modern retail, ecommerce customers in India.
  • Exposure /experience to a bottling set up would be an advantage.
  • Demonstrated ability in e2e business modelling, Business Planning, internal & external selling.
  • Ability to understand, decode & work with big data.
  • Financial Analysis and ability to make well-informed assumptions      
  • Awareness of Key Account Management - Building value-based relationships.
  • Working with cross functional teams.

Our Growth Culture:

One of the reasons our company continues to thrive after 130+ years is having a company culture that supports and rewards behaviors that lead to growth. Our “Growth Behaviors,” as we call them, are ways of being and working that help to make us successful. Think about how you can bring this to life in your next role at Coca-Cola.


Keep seeking, never settle.  Staying curious about what is outside, and two steps ahead inspires us to challenge the status quo. Having the courage to look and leap is the way we grow. Because asking “what if?” pushes us to the next level as people and as a company.


Make it happen. True empowerment is the result of taking responsibility. This means giving yourself permission to see it, say it and do it, and owning the outcomes. Because we move forward faster when we all take action.

Version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Push for progress, not perfection. There are very few overnight successes. Greatness is borne of many little victories (and failures). Share v 1.0, test it, and make it better. Then create the next version. Because the moment we think something is perfect, it will be obsolete.


Include, value and trust each other. We are smart alone but together we are genius. This means being inclusive, giving the benefit of the doubt and being responsible for each other. Because, for our company to thrive for the next 100+ years, smart isn't enough. We need genius.