What does worldly wise mean to you?

Every place in the world has something unique to offer with interesting insights in the prevailing culture and ways of doing the same things differently. It is important to be connected to it and enjoy it both at a professional as well as a personal level. 

Shut Up or Speak Out

It is but human to have doubts based on either perceptions or reality and this extends to both the external environment as well as the internal ecosystem. Doubts in organisation creates issues and uncertainty - hence communication is key. It is important to speak out not only the necessary information but also the facts and the reasoning behind it.

Need for stability in today’s fast-changing world

Stability is a good thing but so is change as it is a necessary component of improvement. The key is to strike a balance between the two and apply change at the right pace, at the right time. 

What do you look for in a leader?

A proven track record of success in both good and tough times, capability to make decisions with a long term positive impact and the ability to identify and develop talent are the key ingredients which will shape the next generation of leaders.

You have worked across multiple geographies during your journey with Coca-Cola. What is your learning from the same?

It is professionally educational and personally interesting to live in different towns and different countries, as long as you go there with the right mindset. Every place in the world has a lot of interesting experience and if one can get connected to that one can really enjoy life to the fullest. Make the shift and enjoy the gift.

Why is is important to have a proper work-life balance?

Family plays a critical role in the professional growth of an individual. As important it is to enjoy work, it is equally important to enjoy quality time with family and thereby the need for work-life balance. After all, it is very rare to find successful executives with an unhappy family life.

How does a CEO ensure success?

Developing a pipeline of reliable empowered and enthusiastic people is the only way to guarantee long-term success for a CEO.

Your advice as the leader of an iconic company like Coca-Cola

A leader has to lead and if there are any doubts out there in the general public, whether based on perception or on reality, then the leader has to take things head-on and lead these discussions. This not only helps in addressing rumours but also retain confidence of consumers and employees alike.

What’s the best part of working for Coca-Cola?

To be able to work on one of the most loved brands in the world collectivey with so many people who enjoy the work we're all engaged in, is simply uncomparable.

How to create a successful business?

The success of any business depends on ensuring that products meet consumers’ current needs and anticipating changing consumers choices and preferences. At Coca-Cola, there is a lot of innovative work under way in our business around the world to reshape our portfolio to address changing consumer preferences. 

One message for the Coca-Cola family and loyalists across the globe..

Coca-Cola will continue to Be Bold and Be Brave by honouring the 130 years old tradition and continue to offer beverage choices which follow the tastes and preferences of consumers.

James Quincey is the President and Chief Operating Officer, The Coca-Cola Company