Who has been your greatest teacher?

Life in itself is the biggest teacher and that’s where I have learnt the most from. Overcoming the challenges and obstacles life has thrown my way has helped me become the person I am today.

Define a leader

One who sets a clear vision for the team and aligns them to achieve the goals is who would qualify as a good leader. Taking care of the team members comes naturally to him but trusting them and giving the freedom to achieve the goals is what makes him stand apart. He meets both triumph and disaster with equal ease without playing the blame game.

What makes an organisation employer friendly?

The key for any organisation is to be an attentive listener, absorb the conversation and act upon them - this cycle should be a continuous process so that employees feel heard and valued and they continue to feel motivated enough to give their very best.

Why is it important for a leader to be accessible to the team?

It is critical for a leader to be available and accessible to team members whenever they need support and guidance. At the same time, one should balance immediate requirements with long-term needs and address them accordingly.

What do you look for while deciding on a team lead?

While there are multiple traits with none set in stone, one needs to have the hunger to pursuit their goals, passion with a conviction that gives them the ability to take all risks. Meeting timelines and deadlines is another key aspect.

A marketing mantra you swear by 

One of the most important lessons which I learnt at the beginning of my career was during one of the many marketing visits. I learnt first-hand the importance of value and brand and that people are going to pay for a product only if perceive value in a particular product and get a sense of love and aspiration from a brand. This is exactly what defines my daily goal at Coca-Cola India.

Debabrata Mukherjee is the Head of marketing for Coca-Cola India and South West Asia