Is it actually important to celebrate ‘Being a Woman’

We as women play multiple roles in life - a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a mentor and so much more! We hold our family and friends together so it is important to celebrate ourselves and everything we stand for.

Why take risks when you can play safe – especially when you are a woman

Be a risk taker as it helps in overcoming fears – things which hold us back from achieving our true potential. It might be scary at first but it is all about taking the leap and facing the obstacles head-on – more often than not, it will pay off.

Your advice to women in the workforce

Take risks, believe in yourself, challenge conventional norms, accept imperfections and lean on the support from family and friends. The moment you are able to do this, you will suddenly get wings to soar higher and higher.

Your mantra for life

Dare to dream and never let go an opportunity when it knocks on your door. Go ahead and embrace it with all your conviction even if you are scared and you will convert your dreams into reality.

Career advice from having worked across different assignments

Surround yourself with people who are different from you, that will help teach you how to build and cultivate relationship and keep you humble.

Changes in HR practises over the years

Today, there is an increasing emphasis on inclusion- it reflects in our recruitment. Different thoughts, different ways of working and different cultures – together they bring various results, and we ask people to be different in their own ways. The younger generations prefer to achieve things differently and are more adaptable to working in a mixed environment which reflects in HR practises and hiring for the digital age.

How can one maintain a work life balance in today’s always connected world

We all try and manage all our lives to the best of our abilities however it is human to not be able to do that as well as we would like to. Life is not perfect and one should enjoy the journey and in the process, try not to lose focus on things that matter

To be successful…

Focus on the values and experiences to build a solid foundation in today’s information overload environemnt. Also ask for help as it is a sign of great strength. Also remember it is okay to not have all answers, one needs support to go through transitions.