Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers and a variety of other devices. The list of connected devices at the workplace is growing with every passing day.

The challenge of a life that is 24X7 connected is changing the workplace like never before. HR professionals gathered decided to brainstorm the issue to consider ways in which organisations can adapt to ‘connect’ better with their employees.

Technology definitely fills in the gap of instilling a sense of inclusion by initiating more and more dialogue between the managers or the stakeholders or customers at large” Manu Narang Wadhwa, Head of Human Resources, Coca-Cola India & South-West Asia, said at the ‘Can You Really Design Engagement’ conference held in Delhi last week.

The fear among some people is that mundane jobs are being taken over by artificial intelligence and bots. In a situation like this, for companies, the challenge will be to initiate and continue the engagement with their employees. The barrage of information from a variety of devices is a challenge for engagement.

I do not see this as a challenge,” Wadhwa told the audience. “We can help create a system where the ‘ordinary’ people in the organisation to help achieve the extraordinary. That can happen when there is the spirit of engagement and entrepreneurship within the organisation.

Top managers consider the spirit of inclusion, irrespective of the level at which an employee is working, critical for driving engagement in the organisation. It helps motivate the employee and help him align with the goals of the organisation because it helps two-way communication possible between the organisation and employees.

Our performance assessment framework has undergone a dramatic change. From the traditional ‘ratings,’ it has now shifted to the manager deciding what the role is, in constant dialogue with the employees,” Wadhwa informed the group of HR professionals at the conference.

Coca-Cola is also trying to reach out to the smallest possible retailer in the entire supply chain in which it operates, whether it is a retail store in the big cities or the small towns. Some of their stories will now be told through Journey, the digital platform that has recently been launched.

The true challenge once you have built the platform, lies is how to strengthen the relationship. The true sense of inclusion comes when we use them more and more,” Wadhwa said.

Apart from Coca-Cola’s Manu Wadhwa, among those who were part of the panel discussing the issue were Deepa Chadha, Senior Vice President HR, Vistara, Amit Munjal, CEO & Founder, Doctor Insta and Moon Chung Lam, CEO & Founder, Selfdrvn Enterprises.