Work Profile: My work entails seeming to have a solution to all problems related to Sprite in the geographical regions of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives. 

Well it might sound very simplistic for an untrained eye. To me it is both a privilege and a humbling experience. It entails an ability to alter the perceptions/thought processes of millions of people who we reach out to through all our marketing initiatives over the course of a year to develop an affinity to both the brand and the product. 

We try and fail hundreds of times but the joy of getting it right and to see real impact and a change in behavior as per a planned activity is a joy forever!

About yourself: Vision, balance, still head, anticipation, planning, quick reflexes are key to hitting the ball out of the park every time

Favourite Coca-Cola memory so far:  The day young, summer intern, Tejaswi presented to Venkatesh Kini. This presentation got me the job I love.

One rumor about Coca-Cola that frustrates you: The perception of being foreign or anti-national. Majority of the workforce is Indian working with customers, agencies, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders who in turn are all Indians.

One thing you could change around you: The ability to laugh at yourself. 

One thing that nobody knows about you at work: I am a trained astrological charts (kundalis) reader.




24 hours in the life of Tejaswi Narsimha –  Sr. Brand Manager, Sprite, Coca-Cola India

05:00 am: This is peace time. No distractions, no disturbance. It’s just me and my books. 

07:00 am: A 45 minute Yoga routine. In the last 18 months of my practice I have realized that what looks easy is in fact very difficult and what looks difficult is quite easy. 

08:00 am: Often, I drop my daughter, Khyati, to the school bus. Then there is a massive race against time and traffic to reach office.

10:00 am: First things first. I’ve got to take updates on 2 key strategic initiatives we are currently working on: Comedy activation in colleges and drinkable billboards. I’m quite excited to see the live demo of the drinkable billboards! 

11:00 am: Jamming over ideas on how to land the Sprite messaging right on different social media platforms. Serious work, fun and ideation rolled into one! 

12:30 pm: My latest obsession is “online gaming”. I’ve set up a meeting with the top gaming agency to discuss a potential fit with the Sprite attitude. Yes, we are shown live demos of new/popular games and no, we don’t actually get to play any of these. ☹

01:30 pm: Lunch break is followed by a game of office cricket. The games are very competitive and played at a very high level of skill ☺. 

02:15 pm: A pre-production meet is lined up now for an upcoming ad-film shoot. This is the most exciting part of developing the new communication. 

04:30 pm: Calls, emails, project meetings and status updates. Yeah it sounds boring for sure, but real work happens during this time. 

06:00 pm: Time for a global call. Today the LATAM team is presenting a roll out of cool new packaging innovations and the ASEAN team is presenting activation ideas on “street food” with Sprite. Easily the most stressful part of the day where I am forced to listen more and speak very less. Sigh! ☺

07:00 pm: More emails and calls, and a quick round of TT to improve on my topspin before I call it a day. 

10:00 pm: After battling traffic on my way back, polishing off dinner, playing with my daughter and listening to one of her stories from school I am ready to call it a day. Light out ☺