Work Profile: Lead Sustainability Marketing and Ambassadorship initiatives 

About yourself: Grew up in really small towns, studied in 10 schools, ex Timesgroup, ex CNBC. Now having the time of my life at Coca-Cola

Favourite Coca-Cola memory so far: The Coca-Cola FIFA Trophy Tour, where I got to unveil the real FIFA Trophy! What a day it was.

One rumor about Coca-Cola that frustrates you: The “honest” video of Coca-Cola, which was spoofed by miscreants. 

Something that nobody knows about you: Played cricket on all 7 continents including Antarctica. Yes!


24 hours in the life of Sameer Pathak – (GM, Public Affairs and Communications, External Affairs), Coca-Cola India

07:30 am: A cup of tea with English and Hindi print newspapers, as no morning is complete without the regional update. This is usually followed by getting ready and dropping my kids to pre-school nearby. 

09:00 am: Quick 5 minute walk to our office, advantage of living nearby! 

09:30 am: Check the emails, follow-up with the team, and then spend 30 minutes with the Management Trainees (MTs) to take an update on the projects they are championing. Anushree is working on Jagriti Yatra Partnership focussing on encouraging entrepreneurship in water, agriculture and recycling. Aabir is trying to create 'National Recycling Day' campaign. These are quite tough projects, but these young MTs are at it. 

10:30 am: A flurry of calls with Indian youth icons and leaders on confirming their upcoming visit to Coca-Cola Sustainable Agriculture project. Can't wait to hear their feedback, once they’ve visited! 

11:00 am: ‘Me-Time’ for ideation, with the phone on ‘silent.’ I’m working on detailing the 2017 plans for Category Marketing, Youth Ambassadorship and Sustainability Marketing. 

12:15 pm: Discussed an upcoming visit to ‘Support My School’ campaign schools in Ladakh (beautiful place, beautiful people ☺). 

12:30 pm: It’s Friday, so eating out with close friends Kapil and Ish. This is our monthly lunch. Blowing steam time. No subject is taboo during this conversation. 

01:30 pm: Meeting Blind T20 Cricket World Cup organising team (Our partnership extends several years back). India has a good chance to retain the World Cup and I’ve been promised a signed blind cricket ball by entire team. My day is already made ☺

02:30 pm: Emails, emails and more emails. 

03:00 – 5:30 pm: Cricket Sri Lanka partnership, U-17 FIFA World Cup are some of the associations we’re working on. Also, AIESEC representative stopped by for my inputs on their 2017 plan, always a pleasure to work with smart young people.

06:00 – 09:30 pm: A quick run back home, tea time with family, badminton game in the evening (with mobile tucked away in locker), play time with my 3-year-old twins (who would do anything for their Maaza). The cuteness on display is unlimited. Dinner time is followed by more play with kids, and assisting my wife, Sapna, with some online shopping too! 

10:00 pm: Last email checked to make sure no HQ or urgent mail is pending to be answered. Also, it’s the perfect time to catch up on social media and news around the world. Sometimes, I read a book. 

11:30 pm: Day comes to an end by now. Next day will bring more and I can't wait! I love this feeling...