Work Profile: I lead India’s Research and Development function to support innovation, productivity and provide gateway to global R&D function on various technical matters. With my experience of last two decades in R&D technical and leadership, I work with my team towards excellence in cross-functional delivery.

About yourself: I am passionate about bringing out the best in my team mates. 

Favourite Coca-Cola memory so far: Organised an Innovation Lab on Employee Day where everyone had a chance to innovate and develop new products. Everyone was just so excited about it, that they requested for more such activities. 

One rumor about Coca-Cola that frustrates you: People think (falsely) that we are selling only sugar!

One thing you could change around you: Perception about my company. 


24 hours in the life of Lopa Mazumder – Sr Manager, R&D, Coca-Cola India

6.00 am – 8.00 am: Spent in morning chores, 30 mins. brisk walk and in ensuring all the morning niceties for my 11-year-old son.

9.00 am: Not headed to the R&D lab today. Wish I could. That’s where I belong. 

But when the president of the Company wants to discuss Project Vega, I better have all my bases covered.

10.00 am: Time to head to the lab. Vega needs to be tweaked and the 4 other non-fizzy products have to be sampled and prepared for rapid implementation. 

12.00 pm: Looking forward to meeting our world class ingredient suppliers. Today I am also meeting their global supply chain head and research scientist.

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm: Preparing a roadmap to make our R&D capabilities much sharper and nimble. We live in the “press a button for a car” age. Got to keep pace.

4.00 pm: My favorite time of the day, as I go for product tasting. My team is ready with several amazing product concepts. Can’t tell you which ones. Sorry!

6.00 pm: Evening musings I guess. I want the lab to be swankier. Sorry! Read this as state-of-the-art. That’s the politically correct word. (Don’t tell my boss I said swankier). Meeting the facility manager now.

7.00 pm: My counterparts in Atlanta are awake. Time for a video conference call to share notes. Project Vega and more!

8.00 pm: Today was a super busy, but productive day. Most days end at six. Thank God.

8.15 pm: Time to go home. Good news is it is less than 2 KMs from here.

8.30 pm: Son, husband, TV and food. In that order!

9.30 pm: Any urgent emails or else more son, husband and TV

10.00 pm: I know I will get a good night’s sleep tonight. Looking forward to the brisk walk in the morning.