Work Profile: I am part of global fruit procurement team and responsible for managing all fruit juice buying in India and all global mango buying. As a part of my role, I travel a lot and work with farmers across different continents.

About yourself: I think ☺, I am a fun loving person, who is very passionate about working for the right cause.

Favorite Coca-Cola memory so far: Meeting the old mates at the Coca-Cola family when I rejoined them after a gap of 6 years!

One rumor about Coca-Cola that frustrates you: That our products are not safe! On the contrary, in my experience few companies focus on quality and safety as Coca-Cola does.

One thing you could change around you: Make Indians more responsible towards India.

One thing that nobody knows about you at Coca-ColaI was 2nd in lawn tennis at national level (juniors)


24 hours in the life of Ankush Singhal – Sr. Manager Supply Chain, G2G Juice, Coca-Cola India

05.00 – 8.30 am: I start my day with Parkour – it’s, quite awesome! Then I help my son, Eklavya, get ready for school, and drop him off. 

09:00 am: On my way to office, I speak to mom and then a few calls with the bottlers and suppliers to figure out the immediate stress points of the day.

09.30 am: Once in office, I spend about half an hour in saying hello to fellow buddies. I absolutely love this enthusiastic bunch I work with! 

10:00 am: A few meetings with the brand, innovation, supply chain and public affair teams. From what can be done to start orange processing in India after 70 years of independence to haggling for a price reduction of even 20 paise/ kg on mango pulp, all of this and more is my responsibility.  

12:30 pm: The lunch happens with fellow champions on how we should approach our next corporate cricket match!

01:00 pm: Being able to make a difference for Indian farmers is my biggest motivation to work. The fact that the company has the same philosophy helps a lot! And so some interesting and challenging conversations with farmers, farmer organisations, and government institutions are a routine to work towards betterment of Indian fruit processing sector. 

03:00 pm: It’s time to connect with the world to source and supply fruit pulps. They are fantastic people to work with, and I’ve learned a lot about their culture that has enriched me in more ways than one.

Today I just realised that a warmer winter in Poland has impacted their apple crop, and so our regular supplies will be impacted in a big way. On the demand side, Megha (brand team) has been upbeat about the fact that Minute Maid Apple grew faster than all the other products last year and she expects it to continue. I frantically connect with our global ecosystem to figure out supplies from Turkey, Germany etc. With technical and marketing teams, we then together find a solution to a seemingly unmanageable situation. Achievement unlocked.

04:30 pm: With too much happening around, there is a strong urge to keep the worries aside, and head to the ‘Play’ room for a TT game. 

05:00 pm: Focus is the key, to identify "what is important" for next few months from a strategic point of view.

06:00 pm: Some more calls on the way back to catch up with suppliers on resolving today’s issues.

06:30 – 08:30 pm: Home. A baddy game with my son and Vasudha (my better half) ☺. Family dinner, and then I put Eklavya to bed. 

10:00 pm: Check the emails one last time to make quick notes for tomorrow. All in all its always a great day filled with a sense of achievement on personal and professional front.