• SHOWCASE is open to all first and second year students enrolled in the 2 year full-time PGP/MBA program of the following institutes -
    - Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
    - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
    - Indian Institute Management, Bengaluru
    - Indian Institute Management, Calcutta
    - Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
    - XLRI Jamshedpur
  • Participants are expected to form teams consisting of exactly four members from within their campus only
  • Teams may be formed by students in the first year, or second year or a mix of both. There are no stipulations on the number of first year or second year students in a team
  • Violation of the eligibility criteria will automatically disqualify a team and bar it from moving ahead in the competition
  • Students participating in SHOWCASE are required to read, understand and accept the terms and conditions and non-disclosure agreement detailed at http://www.coca-colaindia.com/campus-connect/terms---conditions-and-nda


The competition will span from August 2017-Dec 2017, and will take place in 3 stages:

Round 1 - Campus Round  

  • Form your team on the lines of the eligibility criteria mentioned above
  • You will receive the case study from the Placement Committee of your institute in the fourth week of August
  • The team’s solution to the case has to be sent by email to showcase@coca-cola.com by 13th September 2017 (latest by 10PM IST)
  • Deliverable at the end of online round is a PowerPoint Presentation with a maximum of 6 slides (including the cover slide). The cover slide should clearly mention the team name, name, email address and phone number of all 4 team members
    - Students can also include a video (optional): .mp4 format - Students can send their entries in the following formats only: .rar, .zip, .ppt, .pptx and .mp4 - The total size of the submission should not exceed 15MB - File name format for submission to be <B-School Name_Team Name>. E.g. IIM A_Hakuna Matata   

Round 2 – Campus Round  

  • Coca-Cola will select the top 3 entries from each institute out of all the entries received from a campus
  • The top 3 teams from each institute will get the opportunity to present to Coca-Cola when Coca-Cola visits their campus
  • Based on the presentations by the top 3 teams of each institute, Coca-Cola will select the winning team from each institute
  • The winning team gets a special prize from Coca-Cola and proceeds to the next round which is the Grand Finale round

Round 3 – Grand Finale  

  • The campus winning team from each participating institute will be invited to Gurgaon to present their solutions to a special jury
  • The teams are expected to make a 15-minute presentation, followed by Q&A
  • The jury will select the National Winner and National Runner-up from among the campus winner teams in the Grand Finale


  • National Winner– INR 2 lakhs + PPI for 2nd year students
  • National Runner-up – INR 1 lakhs + PPI for 2nd year students
  • Campus Winners – Entry into Grand Finale + Pre-Placement Interview for 1st year students for summer internship