Toned Milk

Toned milk is one variety of liquid milk which is produced by standardizing the fat content and the other soluble solid content of the milk. Toned milk in India is required to have minimum 3% fat and the minimum solid not fat (the total soluble solids excluding the fat) to 8.5. 

Milk Solids

Milk solids are the total soluble milk component present in liquid milk. 


Sugar or sucrose is a caloric sweetener, which is used to sweeten our beverages and it provides calories. In India sugar is mostly made from sugar cane. One gram of sugar or sucrose provides 4 Calories (Kcal).

Synthetic Food Colours

Sunset Yellow and Tartrazine are used as colouring agents and they are classified as synthetic colour as per Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). These provide yellow to orange colour to the beverage.

Nature-Identical Flavouring Substances

Nature-identical flavouring substances means substances chemically isolated from aromatic raw materials or obtained synthetically; they are chemically identical to substances present in natural products intended for human consumption, either processed or not. These are added to provide the characteristic taste to the beverages.