A key offering in The Coca-Cola Company’s beverage portfolio, VIO was introduced with the intent to make a ready-to-drink, value-added dairy beverage option available to the consumer. Since the Dairy category is firmly rooted in Indian tradition and enjoyed greatly by consumers since time immemorial, the Company ventured into this important segment with the intent of providing customers with a convenient, easily accessible, nutritious and delicious product through VIO

Vio Nutrishake Chocolate Burst



Toned milk, sugar, water, milk solids, cocoa powder, stabilisers (469, 407) Nature-identical flavouring substances

Vio Nutrishake Banana Boom



Toned milk, banana puree, water, sugar, milk solids, acidity regulator (331(i)), stabilizers (469, 497), permitted synthetic food colour (102), nature-identical flavouring substances, artificial flavouring substances