Hydrating when playing team sports can be difficult as some have rules which only allow fluid consumption at particular times. Unless sweat rates are relatively low, it is generally inevitable that some degree of dehydration will be incurred during team sports. The goal is to minimise the degree of loss.

Here are some FAQs on Hydration that will help all sportspersons:

Is hydration necessary during training sessions and games?

Is Hydration Necessary During Training Sessions and Games?
Yes, it is. Fluid loss for individuals can vary. It is dependent on the climate and environment – temperature, sunshine and humidity; other factors around the sportsperson- such as gender; and the type of sport- length of the game and intensity of exertion required.

What fluids must be consumed?

What fluids Must be Consumed?
The drink whose flavour is the favourite is, ideally, the best. Sodium in the beverage increases retention of the fluid consumed. This is critical in a situation where the fluid intake does not match the fluid lost. For long duration sports, carbohydrates are also very important for maintaining muscle fuel supplies.

What should be the temperature of the fluid?

What Should be the Temperature of the Fluid?
For maximum absorption from the stomach, the optimal temperature of the fluid should be around 15 degrees centigrade. However, some recent evidence suggests that consuming cooler drinks (4-10 degree centigrade) can help reduce the body's temperature.

What points should be kept in mind while consuming fluids?

What Points Should be Kept in Mind While Consuming Fluids?
Training sessions can be used to practice drinking more and to understand individual tolerance to fluids during exercise. During a game, every opportunity to have a drink must be used. Try to drink as much at the start of the break to allow for maximum time for the fluid to be absorbed. After the game, rehydration is very important. Over the next two hours, it is best to consume about 150% of the fluid lost.

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