India bears a high burden of micronutrient deficiency, especially among

school-age children
  • Deficient in Folic AcidNon-deficient in Folic Acid
  • Deficient in Vitamin B6 and B12Non-deficient in Vitamin B6 and B12
  • Deficient in Vitamin ANon-deficient in Vitamin A
children below 5-years
  • AnemicNon-anemic
  • Iron-deficiencyNon-deficient
How does Vitingo help
address this problem?

Vitingo is a clinically-proven formula that provides excellent iron bioavailability, and contains 7 essential micronutrients:

What pack sizes is Vitingo available in?

Vitingo is available in a single-serve, 18 gm. sachet,
which makes one glass of 180 ml.