style knows no boundaries. it has no limits. it isn’t defined by shape or form. it flows free as the clouds, as water. it carries substance – just like the creations of the winners of The Platform – an event where the style and substance of smartwater met the boundless creativity of the Lakme Fashion Week.

here are the three winning creations that made a splash. there is a silver lining for their makers as they have earned themselves an opportunity to be mentored and showcase an entire collection #inspiredbyclouds at Lakme Fashion Week

Kanika Goyal (Kanika Goyal Label)

Kanika’s take on the theme #inspiredbyclouds was:
"When the water flows it takes not form of its attainment, it travels in a rhythm. It’s fierce and strong just like our thoughts that flow and pour into all. Celebrating the flaws (Kintsungi) that run and connect the universe through irregularities."





Sakshi Shah & Swasti Shah (Shanti)


Their take on #inspiredbyclouds:

"Clouds get traction metaphorically due to the vicious cycle of atmospheric phenomenon leading up to their formation. Similarly, the concept of garment making from pure handloom linen struck us in a rather sustainable fashion, where discarded material from clothes was turned into garments thereby imitating the vicious cycle of clouds." @shanti_benaras



Ishanee Mukherjee & Anirudh Chawla (Poochki)


Their take on #inspiredbyclouds:

"The Collection takes inspiration from the poem 'The Black Cloud' by W.H. Davies. The diaphanous organza has been meticulously selected keeping in mind a light white peaceful cloud. In parallel, a dense crinkled garment in deep indigo hues and a fuller fabric such as felt represents an aggressive grey cloud. The anomaly reveals the certainty of life that is uncertainty."