During the annual Coca-Cola India Bottlers Conference in 2016, Ludhiana Beverages Private Limited came across a stall that promoted the use of solar power for manufacturing. Ludhiana Beverages are the franchise bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company and manufacture products like Limca, Fanta, Maaza, Minute Maid, Sprite, Thums Up and Coca-Cola. The use of sustainable energy has always been a priority for the bottling partners of The Coca-Cola Company. In 2016, intent met knowledge and resources, resulting in the commissioning of a 100 KW solar power plant on 25th March-2017.

One such remarkable initiative is the solar-powered manufacturing unit of Ludhiana Beverages Pvt. Ltd. The leadership and managers strongly believe that one must continue to grow, but not by adversely impacting the environment. Among the many steps taken to reduce emissions from manufacturing processes, the organisation has taken a massive step towards sustainability with the first-ever solar powered plant.

Once the idea of a solar power plant was finalised, the team researched the feasibility of powering the bottling plant with a solar plant. Post the study, a structural engineer was commissioned to plan how it would fit with in the existing plant. Following this, vendors were identified to build the plant, and soon the work was in progress. The solar power plant was finally commissioned on 25th March, 2017.

A massive plant needs extreme care, which is why a safety in-charge has been appointed to take care of the daily requirements like cleaning, coordination, caution in the plant itself and the people working with it. There are also safety instructions and guidelines for people operating the plant as well as those visiting it.

This project has an annual power generation capability of 1,32,000 KW with an annual cost saving of around Rs 9.24 lakhs. This innovative investment will help the plant reap benefits for about 25 years.

The Ludhiana Beverages solar plant has set a precedent to be followed by all. It’s a big step in the right direction for a better environment as well as a more profitable business.