So what if your favourite fruit isn’t available throughout the year? You can now have the taste and goodness of your favourite fruits with Minute Maid! No, we aren’t just talking about oranges and mosambi! Minute Maid now brings Ras Ras Mein India, an initiative to bring the flavours of India, from India, to India.

Now, Minute Maid offers a range of fruit juices including litchi, pineapple, apple, dussheri & kesar mango. This is in addition to its already wide variety of fruit flavours over the last 10 years, including Gritty Guava, Pulpy Mosambi, Pulpy Orange, Pulpy Santra, Nimbu Fresh, Anar and Mixed Fruit.

These deliciously refreshing flavours are locally sourced from farmers in select regions of India. In fact, with increased procurement from the fields, an estimated 200,000 farmers are expected to directly benefit from the Ras Ras Mein India initiative. This is in line with national priorities asking beverage companies to add fruits to their products.

“Inspired by the diversity of locally grown Indian fruits, we are constantly innovating our beverages to create an extensive range of a fruit flavoured portfolio under our initiative called Ras Ras Mein India”, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia President T Krishnakumar said.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola and it partners have committed to invest $1.7 billion in the agricultural ecosystem in India over the next five years to grow it further. $800 million will be allocated for procuring processed fruit pulp and concentrate, while the rest will be invested in building the manufacturing infrastructure.

The investments will reinforce the virtuous fruit circular economy in India where everyone from the farmers to the consumers only stands to gain.