Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) has won the prestigious WorldStar 2018 Award for smart innovation in the quality of packaging for its beverages in India. The innovation directly impacts its consumers as the beverages can be fresher as it reaches their hands.

The award, instituted by the World Packaging Organisation, has recognised HCCB in developing heat-resistant tarpaulin – a packaging material that ensures the freshness of the beverages during transportation, despite the heat conditions in India.

The competition to get the award was tough and HCCB came up trumps in spite of that. 16 global packaging associations sifted through the 318 entries from 38 countries before identifying the innovation made by HCCB. The award will be presented later this year in Australia.

The heat-resistant tarpaulin is an in-house innovation of HCCB along with its key partners and industry experts. It serves the needs of beverage transportation in extreme summers. Carbon dioxide is lost during transportation because the product is exposed to extreme temperatures. If its exposure to the extreme temperature can be cut down, the freshness of the carbonated beverage can be ensured. Conventional tarpaulins on help in protecting from dust, water and sunlight but do not offer protection against heat.

While giving the advantages of the conventional tarpaulin, the specialised product adds up as insulation cover, cutting down temperate by 5-6 degrees Celsius for the product being transported. With lower temperature, the carbon dioxide retention of the beverage improves considerably, which improves the freshness when it reaches the consumers’ hands.

“The award recognises the culture of continuous improvement that we are building at HCCB”, Dinesh Jadhav, Executive Director, Supply Chain, HCCB, said. “The recognition will also spread the word of such an innovation to larger global packaging ecosystem, thereby enabling the entire fraternity to benefit from this package”, he added.

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO), which offers the WorldStar Awards, was founded in 1968 in Tokyo from among the people who were leading thinkers in the packaging community. It is one of the most prestigious awards for the industry in the world.