Indulgence in arts can take people to a different, beautiful world. And, music is one of them. Be it singers or music enthusiasts, this art form is an escape from reality for millions of people. Today, there are various platforms that invite musicians and singers hidden in the corners of our diverse land to showcase their talent and let the world take a break. One such platform is Super Singer being held in Tamil Nadu, season 7 of which is being aired currently on Star Vijay.

Maaza has always been proactive in backing endeavours that allow people to break away from routine, relish joyful moments, and rejuvenate. And, so, Maaza has joined hands with Super Singer.

As you take time off to unwind and sing along with the contestants, Maaza adds to the feeling of celebration in various ways. You can enhance your Dil Jhoome moments with a fun, fruity online game.

In this game, golden and green mangoes are falling down on the screen. The objective is for you to select the golden mangoes, doing which gets you 50 points. Keep in mind that the speed with which the mangoes fall increases every 30 seconds!

To help you earn some bonus points, every 30 seconds a question pops up on the screen. There are a total of 30 questions related to Maaza or Super Singer. So, they appear only for the first 900 seconds of play, until you miss 5 golden mangoes, which means that you lose the game.

Indulge in a World of Music and Mangoes with Super Singer and Maaza

To be eligible to play, indulge in the juiciness of your favourite mango beverage Maaza. While doing so, you need to find the12-digit code, which will become visible on the transparent window behind the label on the bottle. While you may up your game by practicing as many times as you want, to enter into the contest, you need to use this code.

 The code is currently available on 600ml, 1.2 ltrs, and 1.5 ltrs Maaza bottles. A 600ml bottle code gives you one chance to play the game, the 1.2 ltr bottle code will allow you 2 chances, and the 1.5 ltr bottle code will allow you 3 chances. Also, note that you can get an extra chance to play (one time only) when you share your score on your social media channel.

 Winners will be selected and announced every week. The grand prize winner will win a ticket to the Grand Finale of Super Singer Season 7, and along with 99 other lucky winners, also gets gift hampers from Maaza.

 The winners selected so far are great gaming enthusiasts and share equal love for the sweet, mango beverage. Being musically inclined towards life, it gives them immense pleasure to see Maaza give its mangolicious twist to the world of music with the Super Singer Season 7. When asked about how they feel about the show, one of the winners, Mr. Karthik said – ‘I am a great fan of the Super Singer Show and particularly of Season 7. It is indeed because of the show that I play this game.’

The excitement to watch the Grand Finale live is quite contagious and can be seen in Ms. Ramy Chakarapani’s statement – ‘I feel so lucky to win this opportunity and am super excited to watch the grand finale live.’

 Another winner by the name of Mr. Vignesh holds both Maaza and Super Singer close to his heart and says – ‘The contestants of this show are very talented and the anchor has a great sense of humour. Their sound systems are musically amazing, and the anchor truly carries the show on his shoulders. All of this is why I am very excited to see the show live for the very first time in my life. Maaza drink is very delicious, and every time any of my family members visit a confectionary shop, they buy Maaza. Every month we buy 1.5ltr Maaza.  It’s a pretty good drink.’

 Maaza has always been an integral part of festivities and occasions that bring smiles on faces when people celebrate such precious moments. With this ‘mangolicious’ game, one can pause for a while and refresh any time throughout the week.

 Get ready to celebrate the coming together of music and Maaza!