‘Everything we do in terms of Diversity is based on a simple, powerful and global premise. Our Diversity should be as inclusive as our Brands’. Muhtar Kent, Former Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

We aspire to be as diverse a workplace, as our brands in the marketplace. Diversity brings fresh ideas – just like Fanta Green Mango. Diversity promotes inclusion just the way Maaza is friends with everyone. Being diverse is being ready to live in a multicultural world – exactly the way Coca-Cola is friends with consumers in more than 200 nations.  This diversity can only take place when all our associates’ have equal access to information, development and opportunity. A set of Company policies and practices are helping us speed down the path of diversity and our associates are owners of this process. We actively solicit their inputs and take their feedback through formal surveys and informally through their participation in business resource groups. No wonder that some of the best ideas to make Coca-Cola India an inclusive and diverse workplace, have come from these resource groups. If not for them, our maternity leave policy may not have been of 6 months duration. And but for them, our Diversity Council may have only had male members!

More details on: Diversity Charter and other Diversity related materials from Sustainability report – CHAPTER 8