“I usually like to drink Thums Up, Sprite and Coca-Cola, so seeing such a big kiosk of only Coca-Cola beverages is a fantastic feeling. The outlet looks awesome and its location is also very good. People will definitely visit this outlet and purchase beverages”, said Venkatadari, a jovial customer from Tumkur, Karnataka post his purchase from the newly opened ‘beverage exclusive Coca-Cola outlet’ at Bengaluru City railway station.

Ravi from Patna, another frequent commuter of Indian Railways, also misses ‘refreshment on the go’ during his frequent trips back and forth from Bengaluru to Patna. He was delighted to find an all-new Coca-Cola outlet at the prominent Bengaluru City railway station. Being a fan of Sprite, Maaza and Thums Up, he is happy that he can now relish them chilled while travelling.

With almost every aspect of life coming to a standstill a few months ago, one of the key facets that remained affected for the longest, was ‘travel’. At present, travel is gradually returning on track along with other public services while keeping safety as the top necessity. The lifeline of the country, Indian Railways, is resuming its services too.

Ravi and Venkatadari are amongst several others, who have to commute regularly for work using public transportation but find it challenging to get clean and safe beverages while traveling. 

Recognising this need, Coca-Cola has set up this outlet as a pilot project. This beverage exclusive outlet is essentially meant to cater to the hydration needs of commuters visiting the Bengaluru Station.

Product offerings at this kiosk include fast-moving beverages like Georgia tea and coffee, transactional packs (250ml, 600ml) and smaller tetra packs of Coca-Cola, Sprite, Thums Up, Maaza and Minute Maid. Everything is priced at a nominal price of INR 10 and INR 20 keeping in mind interest of the general consumer.

And with this significant step, Coca-Cola has become the first one to collaborate with Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) to open such an outlet. IRSDC is a special purpose segment under the Ministry of Railways that develops and redevelops existing and new railway stations in the country. 

“We feel privileged to partner with Indian Railways in their effort to provide a clean, safe and hygienic range of beverages to their passengers. What is more heartening is the fact, that we are launching this initiative in a city where our headquarters are located. The outlet at Bengaluru City Station is in sync with our commitment to provide our range of beverages to our consumers at arm’s length”, said Mr. Dinesh Jadhav, Executive Director, Market Operations, HCCB.

 This initiative will enable Coca-Cola to explore new ways of establishing potential bonds with their existing as well as new consumers while understanding the commuters’ beverage preferences during travelling. 

Come one, come all: All offerings at the outlet are affordably priced with an aim to make it accessible to one and all. “This way we can access the business potential completely as it is a fully-branded outlet which can be utilised to drive incidence, activations, sample products, all in all, as a new touchpoint to connect directly with our end consumers”, said Dinesh Jadhav, Executive Director, Market Operations, HCCB, highlighting the details.

Safety and Hygiene Top The Charts: The outlet offers the full array of hot and cold beverages while adhering to all the requisite safety and hygiene standards, a must in the new-normal era. The staff wears masks and face shields at all times and sanitizer bottles are placed at the counters ensuring safety and hygiene the staff as well as the consumers. There are designated circles for customers to stand in, ensuring that everyone is following social distancing norms while waiting.

Strategic Location: Until recently, the number of operational trains under Indian Railways was greatly reduced keeping the safety of the citizens in mind. Other than passengers, no one else was being allowed inside the stations. Hence, Coca-Cola decided to place the outlet right outside the station so that it is accessible to not only passengers, but their friends and family accompanying them.

As things continue to normalise in near future, this strategically placed kiosk could prove to be a valuable consumer touchpoint for Coca-Cola, since it is located where there is a pressing need for it. The company has plans to utilize it in the future to conduct surveys for new products as well as launching campaigns, products and combos.

“Our initial sales through this outlet have been immensely encouraging in a short span of time, so we’re aiming for many more similar beverage-only kiosks at different railway stations across the country”, added Mr. Dinesh Jadhav, elaborating on future plans.

 In the last few months, a lot has happened! So much so, that processing all of it and overcoming all the obstacles will take its sweet course of time. But the good news is, with trains back on track, commuters and travellers will now find a space to rejuvenate a little. Of course, keeping all the safety measures in place!

So, when it comes to travelling, how could we not talk about refreshing ‘travel-mate’ beverages!

This ‘exclusive beverage outlet’ powered by Coca-Cola at Bangalore City Station is a happy start of the larger plan. Hopefully, soon we can say, “We all are in this together with our favourite Coca-Cola beverage in hand”!

So, are you ready to turn up your journeys with Coca-Cola? See you at the kiosk.