Smartwater Poster
Here’s to smart
the world runs on smart. the world also runs on water. exactly why we put them together for people made the way our water is.
smart is what
smart does
you can always tell smart from what it’s been up to. introducing smartwater. water vaporized to leave behind impurities and then cooled back to pure water. this water is then remineralized with electrolytes, a unique blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium.
made of nature’s own innovation
the hydrologic cycle
here’s a little blast from the past, a diagram from your high school science class, albeit done up way more fashionably. that’s our cloud-inspired science. that’s also where we get our name from - smart from logic and water from hydro. smart huh!
made smart
smart, now bottled
the spanking new face of smart is here to stay. our smart looking bottle is dressed in our brand colours, sharp blues that are soon to become the rage of the town. all buttoned up and dandied for every occasion, ready to flash it’s most clear, crisp smile at any do.

smart has friends

Our glamourous brand ambassador Jennifer Aniston has videos to share and you can even spot us with some really smart people on the TED Talks India.